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I am still analog in a digital world

So I'm sitting on the couch watching G4 tv host of Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira 
gleefully telling me that DVD's are on their way out. And I'm like what? You're kidding me.

Nope, pretty soon they will be toast, and everything will be digital down loads, Apple is already 
on board, trying to cut a deal with the movie studios and Best Buy is soon to follow.

Well, add this to the ever growing list of extinct things in my lifetime that I've seen
come and go. It goes something like this.

8 track tapes, punch cards, cassette tapes, vinyl records (don't get me started on that one),
8 inch magnetic diskettes, floppy disc, zip discs, jazz discs, floppy disc drives on computers,
laser discs, beta max, VCRs, pay phones, rotary phones, dial up internet service, Polaroids, 
compact discs, portable cd players and now we add DVD's.

And Oh, I forgot to mention a couple big ones in my life on the way out, newspapers and malls. 
Especially ones that have big department stores who liked to advertise in in newspapers.I am unemployed artist who lost his job because Mr. Analog saw it coming but didn't re-invent myself.

This is my story. Up until about June 2009, I'd spent the last 15 years of my life slaving away
designing newspaper ads for a department stores. Not because I wanted to necessarily, but because it paid the bills. And I was reasonably good at it. Well, not according to my boss, but still I got things done promptly. Which was also somehow was a crime to her, but that's another story.

 I watched our ads go from full page to full page full color back down to a half page of a newspaper. Down to a 4 column by 10 inch, all the way down to a 3 column by 10 inch. This is not good.

And then the economy "craters" but it's okay the government will bail out Wall Street so they will be fine. But then the layoffs start, everywhere. Said department closes the advertising staff at 
two other divisions, but not us.

 Hey, I still have a job, I'm lucky, no? Right up until the June 19, 2009 when a sheet of
paper is put on my desk late Thursday. It says "mandatory meeting for all advertising 
staff in the vice president's conference room tomorrow at 9 am." Well, it ain't a pep talk I think. 
It wasn't. So here I am looking for a job in a dead field with an outdated skill set.
 So a created this blog, and here we are.

But hey, you should have seen this coming, you should have retrained yourself for the web.
Took night classes, spent weekends learning new software. Yeah, I should have. But I didn't. 
I was doing what everyone does after work. Recovering from all day's shit that been dumped
on you by your bosses. Numbing myself with TV, the internet and porn. They are losing
 money on that too. Who'd a thunk it? Porn not profitable.

Which brings me back to Kevin gleefully telling me that DVD are going to be gone.

Yahoo! He can't wait.

It is then that it hits me.

I am obsolete. just like the DVD.

I am still analog in a digital world.

What can I do about this now with plenty of time,
no real income and nothing to do?

I must blog about it.

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