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Remembering Dan Wheldon

This blog has been silent for a while now due to personal and professional reasons but it can remain silent no longer. I really wish I didn’t have to type this but I must. Dan Wheldon is no longer with us. It does not seem real. It must be a nightmare. Someone please wake me from this but it is true. Dan Wheldon lost his life doing the thing he loved the most racing an Indycar. If you don’t know who that is or how devastating that is. Well I don’t really have the words to explain it to you. I’ve seen many of my fellow fans search for the words that just won’t come. It’s not even about racing, if you never heard Dan speak, I feel bad for you because if you had you would have liked him.

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RIP Macho Man

Larger than life.

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Who makes the field of 33 for the 100th Indy?

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but since there were surprises among the quickest lap leaders today I thought I go ahead and go though today’s list and give you my thoughts on who will and won’t make the race. This will be more fun since the Death Star combo of Penske and Ganassi haven’t fired it up yet. I’m going to go thought the speed chart as it was with 30 minutes left in practice on Thursday since we lost live streaming for some reason then. At that time there were 3 big surprises at the top of the chart but I’m sure the top fifteen is subject to a lot of change between now and Saturday. I’ll comment a little on each racer and move down to the bottom the speed chart. Let me just say that people I figured to struggle are. A couple people that I was worried about don’t appear to in any danger of missing the race and there are two regulars that are way down the charts where they shouldn’t be. One of them is due to an accident this morning.

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Opening Day at Indy Part Two

Okay here’s the situation, my parent went away on week’s vacation. No that’s not right, it was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. That’s not right either since it was just last Saturday in Indianapolis. It’s spring in Indianapolis and rain must fall, it’s kind of an unwritten rule. When we left our tale I was headed towards the museum after a day that I thought could not get much better because the Penske Ganassi Death Star had been held about bay for one day by the Rebel Alliance led by Sarah Fisher Racing. You are not following this? Well you better read this first. Anyway the impossible had happened and one of the smallest Indycar teams had defeat the largest. That right there was cuase for celebration and nothing else needed happen to make this a great day. In fact I was headed home to St Louis after a quick stop to pick up that free poster I mentioned seeing earlier at the museum. The rain is coming down upon me and I’m getting very wet but I don’t care because I just witness the improbable in person. I’m walking up the sideway to the entrance to the museum and since it’s raining I think in a Bill Murrary like voice from Caddyshack in my head “it’s just a little shower, won’t be seeing the heavy stuff for quite some time, I’d play through.” I laugh to myself as the one of many yellow shirts opens the door and welcomes me to the museum again.

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Opening Day at Indy Part One

It has been awhile since you’ve heard from this blog and there has been a good reason for it that mostly involves me trying find a job now that unemployment is gone. That is a tale for another day, I’d much rather talk my spur of the moment decision to drive to Indianapolis for the opening day for this year’s race. Life has been crappy all year and I needed a break from it. I was looking though the various tweets of people I followed on Twitter Thursday and came across one containing the Saturday schedule of events for Indy and I clicked though to the list. I was surprised to find out that they were having autograph events for Parnelli Jones the 1963 winner of the race at 10 30 am and one for Danny Sullivan the 1985 winner later in the afternoon. I had already decided to go to Indy the day before the race for the special autograph session for all the 27 living winner. I knew from last year’s lines just for the field of 33 drivers that getting all 27 would be impossible. Here was an opportunity to grab two winner’s autographs that would open up a chance to get a couple more in the special autograph session. All that was needed was another trip to Indy that I really didn’t have the money for but I decided what the hell. It turned out to be about the BEST DAY EVER and one of my best decisions of all time.

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Classic Superman Animation

Really Cool Superman short that was traditionally animated. Check it out!

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My Life as Liz Season 2 trailer

Season two starts tonite!

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